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Tourism - Terrorism – Measures taken for the security of French people and tourists in France (19 Novembre 2015)

Public cultural institutions have been open again since Monday 16 November. Most cinemas opened their doors again on Sunday 15 November.

Performance venues are starting to reopen.

All have heightened security measures. A fund estimated at several million euros is due to be activated soon and new security measures for these institutions are expected to be announced this week.

- A state of emergency has been declared by the French authorities: this measure grants wider powers to the various forces tasked with protecting the population, including tourists.

- Priority is being given to security: the gendarmerie and police, as well as the intelligence services, are being given all appropriate resources. The level of vigilance, under the Vigipirate Plan (1), remains high. The security operation is commensurate with the current risks: the police forces, visible and non-visible, are acting as a deterrent and providing genuine protection. Extra military and police forces have been deployed since the events with the aim of ensuring the security of sites and modes of transport, such as the metro.

- More than 5,000 new police and gendarmerie jobs will eventually be created.