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  • Full travel insurance for all your sports and adventure trips up to 90 days for only €29/week worldwide.

  • State-of-the-art insurance and assistance coverage: A guarantee of payment of your medical expenses in case of illness including Covid-19 (hospitalization, physicians visit, surgery, prescribed medications), early return transportation and medical evacuation to home country in case of emergency, and luggage insurance.

  • Travel insurance certificate mentioning medical coverage for illnesses including Covid-19 or accidents for your visa (Ecuador, Cuba, Russia, Mongolia, China) sent by email

  • Main advantages of the Adventure insurance +: All sports, even extreme ones, are covered during your travel, from trekking to mountaineering and scuba diving without depth limitation, all so you can enjoy your adventure in full safety.

  • Your sports equipment insured with a compensation in case of theft, loss or delay over 24 hours by the airline.

  • Search and rescue expenses covered up to €15 300.

  • AVI International app for access your travel insurance documents and emergency assistance contacts everywhere you go.

  • Multilingual assistance disponible 24/7.

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Good to know

The main limits of coverage on travel insurances are : any illness and/or injury that has been diagnosed and/or treated by continuous hospitalization, day hospitalization or outpatient hospitalization during the 6 months prior to his/her departure, services linked to pregnancy and maternity, consequences of the use of medication, drugs, narcotics and assimilated products not available by prescription and of the abuse of alcohol as well as any deliberate act by the insured that may trigger the coverage of this contract.
Competitions (marathon, trail, ultra-trail, triathlon, swim-run, run&bike, etc.) remain excluded from the Adventure Insurance + coverage.
Note: coverage is not applicable in countries in a state of civil or foreign war.


  • Medical expenses

    Illness – Accident
    Additional reimbursement of medical costs and advance on hospitalization expenses (abroad only)
    Medical expenses in Europe and Mediterranean countries
    75 000 €
    Medical expenses in other countries (physician, hospital, surgery, prescriptions) 152 500 €
    Emergency dental coverage 500 €
    Medical expenses deductible 30 €
  • Assistance in case of illness or accident

    Transportation and repatriation expenses Real expenses
    Return of insured family members or of two insured accompanying persons Flight back home and taxi
    Visit of a family member in case of hospitalization (over 48h) Round trip ticket,
    hotel 80 € / night (max 10 nights)
    Escort for minor children Round trip ticket or hostess
    Continuation of journey Additional transportation costs,
    hotel 80 € / night (max 4 nights)
    Early return
    Hospitalization of a family member, professional replacement, person in charge of a minor and/or disabled adult child who stayed at home
    Early return in case of a terrorist attack or natural disaster
    Flight back home and taxi
    Assistance in case of death
    Repatriation of remains
    Real expenses
    Return of insured family members or two insured accompanying persons Flight back home and taxi
    Identification of deceased person and death formalities Round trip ticket,
    hotel 80 € / night (max 2 nights)
  • Other travel assistance coverage

    Searches and rescue expenses (sea and mountains) 15 300 €
    Rescue expenses on ski slopes Real expenses
    Sending medication Shipping costs
    Assistance in case of theft, loss or destruction of identity documentation or means of payment Cash advance of 2 300 €
    Bail abroad 15 300 €
    Legal expenses abroad 3 100 €
  • Luggage and personal effects insurance

    Theft, total or partial destruction, loss during transportation by a carrier 5 000 €
    Valuable objects 2 500 €
    Deductible in case of damage to suitcases 30 €
  • Delay insurance

    Compensation for luggage (and sports equipment) delay exceeding 24h 152 € max / person
    762 € max / event
    Missed flight
    Travel package
    Plane ticket
    50% of the package total price
    80% of the ticket cost



To obtain your tourist visa

To travel to certain countries, you will need a travel insurance and repatriation assistance certificate to complete your visa application: Ecuador, Thailand, Russia (original travel insurance certificate), Cuba, or China for instance.

► Thanks to the AVI International mobile app, you have access to all your travel insurance documents (repatriation assistance certificate, travel insurance contract, general insurance conditions) and emergency assistance numbers from abroad.

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