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my planet studies insurance worldwide

  • Recommended for all student and exchange programs such as Erasmus Mundus or J1 visas.

  • Complete package of student insurance guarantees from 29€/month in Europe and 39€/month worldwide from 1 to 12 months, renewable.

  • 2 levels of travel insurance and repatriation assistance coverage: Premium and Premium +.

  • Coverage of medical expenses and guarantee of payment in case of illness including Covid-19, accident or hospitalization, repatriation assistance (medical repatriation or emergency return home), baggage insurance (theft or loss of your luggage) and personal liability insurance abroad.

  • Student Travel Travel insurance certificate mentioning medical coverage for illnesses including Covid-19 or accidents sent by e-mail upon subscription for your student visa application, your school or university abroad.

  • Travel and holidays covered in neighbor countries during your stay and 30 days' coverage during holidays in your country of usual residence.

  • Sports activities included: leisure sports covered without option when practiced as "amateur".

  • AVI International App for one-click access to your student insurance documents and repatriation assistance certificates while studying abroad.


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Good to know

The main limits of coverage on travel insurances are : any illness and/or injury that has been diagnosed and/or treated by continuous hospitalization, day hospitalization or outpatient hospitalization during the 6 months prior to his/her departure, services linked to pregnancy and maternity, consequences of the use of medication, drugs, narcotics and assimilated products not available by prescription and of the abuse of alcohol as well as any deliberate act by the insured that may trigger the coverage of this contract.
Note: coverage is not applicable in countries in a state of civil or foreign war.

my planet studies insurance WORLDWIDE coverage

  • Medical expenses

    Premium Premium +
    Illness - Accident

    Medical expenses worldwide except Europe (prescriptions, M.D., hospital)

    200 000 € 300 000 €
    Medical expenses in Europe
    (prescriptions, M.D., hospital)
    100 000 € 100 000 €
    Emergency dental coverage 150 € 150 €
    Dental orthodontics necessitated by accident 500 € per tooth
    only in case of accident

    500 € per tooth
    only in case of accident

  • Travel expenses

    Premium Premium +
    Medical evacuation to home country Real costs Real costs

    Transportation of 1 family member
    (travel costs and accomodation if insured hospitalized + 5 days)

    1 round trip ticket up to 2000 € 1 round trip ticket up to 2000 €
    Emergency return transportation in case of a death or life-threatening illness of a parent
    (father / mother / brother / sister)
    Necessary and reasonable expenses Necessary and reasonable expenses
    Repatriation of remains

    Real costs

    Real costs
  • Accidental death

    Premium Premium +
    Accidental death compensation 15 000 € 15 000 €
  • Accidental disability

    Premium Premium +
    Permanent and total disability (based on the % of disability) Up to 75 000 € Up to 75 000 €
    Permanent and partial disability (based on the % of disability)Up to 75 000 € Up to 75 000 €
    Disfigurement compensation (included in disability)Up to 15 000 € Up to 15 000 €
  • Third party liability coverage

    PremiumPremium +
    Personal injury
    (100 % including legal expenses)
    750 000 €750 000 €
    Damage to property
    (100 % including legal expenses)
    450 000 €450 000 €
    Accidental damage to property1 500 €1 500 €
  • Luggage insurance

    Premium Premium +
    1 000 € 2 000 €
    Including "theft prone" property 300 € Maximum
    (maximum 300 € per item)
    300 € Maximum
    (maximum 300 € per item)

    Valuable objects, jewelry, electronic equipement, photo, camera, tape recorders, MP3 players, musical instrument, games and sport equipement, boats are insured all together up to 300 €.

    Maximum compensation for each item or piece of clothing is 300 €. Items purchased abroad, souvenirs, gifts etc. are insured all together up to 300 €.

  • Other assistance coverage

    Premium Premium +
    Urgent message transmission At your disposal At your disposal
    Bail 7 500 €7 500 €
    Cash advance (in case of theft of your means of payment) 1 000 € 1 000 €


  • Students abroad discussions

    "If I am hospitalized in the USA, will I have to pay for the hospital expenses ?"Rebecca

    You will not have to, we will get in touch with the hospital

  • Students abroad discussions

    "I have a scar resulting from an accident that occurred during my studies abroad. Can I receive a compensation for it?"Camarón

    Yes, disfigurement compensation is included in your package.

  • Students aboad discussions

    "I need emergency dental care. Will I pay a deductible?"Dionni

    We won't apply deductibles on your medical expenses



What health travel insurance with the European Health Insurance card

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Long term travelling and social security

* You will practice a manual activity? You need to subscribe to a specific extension:
The manual activity extension Sports and leisure Plus will extend your coverage to consequences of an accident you have suffered, due to the use of a two-wheeled motor vehicle, high risks sports (surfing, windsurfing, rafting, climbing, scuba diving down to 45 meters, kitesurfing, hang-gliding, paragliding, jet skiing, snowboarding, quad), manual labor, work experience and laboratory internship (labor accident).

The sports covered by your travel insurance without additional coverage: Leisure and holiday sports are covered provided they are performed as "amateur"

The following sports are also covered:

- Winter sports practice including skiing and sledding.

- Sea cruises,

- Any aircraft as a passenger,

- Practice of ice hockey in states or regions where this sport is practiced by youth within the age of the insured.

Sports and leisure extension: It extends your coverage to the consequences of an accident you were victim to while practicing one of the sports listed in annex 1 of the General Conditions of Insurance.

In the case of accident while practicing a sport in a club, the Insurer will act as secondary insurer after all the insurance coverage of your sport club available.


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