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  • Received on 03/11/2015 from l.D.

    Thanks much - you are my AVI Star!

  • Received on 10/09/2015 from J.H

    Hi AVI, you are such a great help, very good customer service. I appreciate your thorough explanation of the process. J.H.

  • Received on 23/07/2015 from C.T.

    The insurance company is so much easier to work with, and they did not need any money from us at the Urgent care center. This was such a nice change. Again, I can not stress the ease of working with this new insurance company. They have been great through the entire process. CT.

  • Received on 28/05/2015 from M.B.

    Good Morning AVI. Thank you. That was very quick. I am impressed. M.B.

  • Received on 20/02/2015 from N.B.

    Hello, I thank you so much for all your help! That's wonderful! Sincerely, N.B.

  • Received on 26/08/2014 from T.H.

    Hello, here is one of the best travel insurance. A round-the-world tour and no worries, even my homeopathic cream was refunded. T.H.

  • Received on 14/01/2014 from F. E.

    Hi, I phoned three times 0144635100 about the Marco Polo Classic insurances for Chinese nationals. Each time the same lady answered with great kindness, availability, simplicity and honesty. I just wanted to share with you my satisfaction. Such a person honors your company. Sincerely, F. E.

  • Received on 24/10/2013 from E. M.

    Hello, thank you very much for the fast response. I have already appreciated your quick service for a similar request earlier this year, now I am again grateful for the attention you paid to me this time. Sincerely, E. M.

  • Received on 26/09/2013 from F. M.

    Hello, Thank you for your fast responses and your extreme efficiency! Nevertheless, I hope not to have to call upon you until next year;) Have a good day F. M.

  • Received on 17/09/2013 from N.Z.

    Hello, I just came back from my one-year round-the-world tour. No incidents to report during this trip (yay!) But I needed your help on several occasions for insurance certificates to obtain visas. I always got them very quickly. Thank you for your help and especially for your efficiency which greatly facilitated my trip. See you in 6 years for my next sabbatical. Best regards. N.Z.

  • Received 09/07/2013 from M.S.

    This has been a big year for American students having medical problems abroad. I have never had to speak so much with the emergency center! We had a girl in Peru who was in the hospital for a few days, and she had to be sent home early due to her illness. We had another girl in the hospital in Mexico, but her case was not so bad. Anyway, I am just writing to tell you how much I have appreciated the professionalism of everyone I have talked to at the Assistance center. They have done a great job communicating, and they took a lot of stress off of me - especially with the Peru case! Many thanks, M.

  • Received on 26/04/2013 from D. M.

    Hello Madam, I want to thank you on behalf of my son L. for the reimbursement of medical expenses in Colombia. Thank you for your fast answers, responsiveness and the excellent contacts by email, I recommend your agency to all parties traveling around the world. Best regards.

  • Received on 04/04/2013from S. T.

    First, I wanted to tell you how great was the emergency center help throughout this "nightmare". Today we know that the decision to repatriate our daughter from Mexico saved her life. Our daughter came back last week and we are starting to recover. Thank you again.

  • Received on 31/01/2013 from M. B.

    Hello, I am returning to France in February, I want to renew my contract for one month. Having said this, my return in France is temporary since I plan to leave for another trip in the next few weeks. By that time I will need to subscribe to another insurance plan for a new trip. . Thank you for your understanding and for your trust. I am fully satisfied with your services and even if the premium was raised to 54 euros instead of 49 last year, I will continue to subscribe to your insurance.

  • Received 14/09/2012 from A.R.

    Dear AVI Intl, I want to thank you once again for the wonderful and clear coverage of our students this last summer! Warm regards.

  • Received on 30/08/2012 from L. B.

    Hello, Thanks for your kindness and professionalism. Regards from beautiful New Caledonia.

  • Received on 22/06/2012 from T.M.F.

    Thanks for L., I received the email with the documents right after our conversation, thank you for your efficiency!

  • Received on 07/06/2012 from S. F.

    First, we would like to thank the French team (organization and physicians) and the Singapore team, who helped us through this rather painful and confusing time for my friend, who suffered a stroke, and for me, having to cope with his illness, and the stress that this situation generated thousands of kilometers from home (repatriation Denpasar / Bali to Singapore). He made great progress thanks to the care in Raffles Hospital during his stay and since our return to France.
    In Strasbourg, he was supported by the neuro vascular department of the Hautepierre Hospital, where he was released Friday, the first of June. Now further exams and analysis are carried out in hospital; physiotherapy and speech therapy sessions have also started.
    Thank you for all you have done for us.

  • Received on 24/04/2012 from N.T.

    Dear AVI International, many thanks for your very quick and most helpful reply. Having read the policy I think this is the one I feel will meet my needs fully. Kind regards.

  • Received on 16/04/2012 from P.H.

    Thank you very much for your quick response. That was an awesome customer service!